Tuesday, April 14, 2009

:: Best of Luck ::

To all my frenz, i want to ask forgiveness for all my mistake either 'SENGAJA' or not...
Study smart & Study Harder...last minute katakan... huhu
Best of Luck to you all

To those who will doing Practical Training after the exam week, also wishes chaiyok!!!
We should try our best... to be a proud muslim in what we done...

To those who will leave Um after this exam week... all the Best too & if u all want to make "BIG WORK" @ bekwoh (Kelantan slang), don't forget to invite me...

To those who will be graduate this year, please invite me..... n if there is more money, u 'll get the present... haha...yeke???

To those who that hate ( having trouble) with me since we bieng frenz, please forgive me... assiff jiddan

To those who 'LOVE' me, please pray for the good things for me to achieve in my life...

That's all....thanks for bieng part of my journey life partners.... (^_^)

sincerely bidadari besi


  1. salam..heheheh..ha, samapi dh komen..appe pun kurangkan tido utk org2 yg terlebey tido ka..kikiki..jaga msa autk waktu2 hampir peperangan ini..jgn bazirkan masa..gambate..gambate..kalau aknda boleh, adik kanda mesti lagi boleh!!! caiyok2..!!! hihihi

  2. Niza..
    wish u good luck also..
    same2 kite saling mendoakan yer..
    moga same2 berjaya, hendaknye...