Monday, December 22, 2008

The beginning...\(^O^)/

Salam taaruf...

Bidadari Besi...meaningful dream to me to be as a strong(SABAR/TABAH/TEGUH) mujaheedah.. + minat dgn kartun nya (^_^)

I'm a muslim from Kelantan (
Tarbiyah 'state'), Malaysia was born at April,20 1987. Living happily there with my beloved family and hope this happiness will never end until KIAMAT/AJAL

Was bieng Tarbiyah a little at my beloved school MMP and matriculation KMKN.
The most precious and meaningful experience
(TARBIYAH) did Allah give me is NOW..UM...@ PMIUM
Ya Muqallibalqulub, sabbit qulubi ala dinik, wa ala thaatiq, wa ala jihadi fisabilik"... Thank You ALLAH..

... Too long journey & too much constrain to create & update this blog... sori & thanks to my beloved fren for ur patient to wait for my reply...special thanks to ukhti Hayati..

::To be continued::

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